Le Travail Humain is a bilingual and multidisciplinary journal of human factors. It publishes original articles in French or English that are pertinent to the study of work, particularly in the following fields: ergonomics, ergonomic physiology and psychology, man-man cooperation and man-machine cooperation, work and organizational psychology, training, human reliability and safety, work psychology, and methodology. The journal also publishes contributions related to Methodology and the core disciplines (psychology, physiology, etc.) when they are relevant to issues explicitly raised by a study of the workplace.

The journal endeavors to communicate research results to other disciplines and encourages multidisciplinary debate and exchange. The journal is listed in the Current Contents/Social and Behavioral Sciences Citation Index.

J.-M. Lahy et H. Laugier
Executive Editor
Françoise Darses, IRBA (F)
Associate Editors
Agnès Aublet-Cuvelier, INRS (F)
Christine Lagabrielle, Université de Toulouse (F)
Pascal Salembier, Université de Technologie de Troyes (F)
Publication Director
Frédéric Mériot
Editorial Advisor
Béatrice Cahour, CNRS Telecom Paris Tech (F)
IRBA (Institut de recherche biomédicale des armées)
LISN-CNRS (Laboratoire interdisciplinaire des sciences du numérique)
Under the patronage of
ARPEGE (Association pour la Recherche en Psychologie Ergonomique et Ergonomie)
ACE (Association Canadienne d’Ergonomie)
EACE (European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics)
SELF (Société d’Ergonomie de langue française)
SFP (Société Française de Psychologie)

Publication ethics and publication malpractice statement

All PUF journals follow policies and practices that reflect the current best principles of transparency and integrity (COPE).

Core paractives are available here: https://publicationethics.org/core-practices

Instructions for manuscripts in English

Manuscripts submitted to Le Travail humain/Human Work should be associated to the journal’s headings: theories or methodologies, synthesis, empirical research, ergonomic practices, techniques (analysis or design of work). The relevance of the paper to the study of work activity must be clear.

The lenght of the manuscripts must be between 16 and 24 pages, according to a template that can be downloaded from the journal’s website (letravailhumain.org) or requested from the Executive Director (francoise.darses@intradef.gouv.fr). Manuscripts, anonymised, are sent to the Executive Director by e-mail, in .doc format. Authors’ names and affiliations should be listed in a separate file, together with the title of the manuscript. References should follow the APA standards, 7th edition.

A manuscript may include a small amount of previously published data. If this is the case, the previous publication must be mentioned on the first page as a note. The Executive Director should also be explicitly informed of this in the cover letter. When a manuscript is accepted, the journal reserves the exclusive right to publish it.

Research published in Le Travail humain/Human Work must comply with the ethical rules laid down by the Research Ethics Committee or the Personal Protection Committee. The article must mention the authorization number given by these committees. If the study has not been supervised by such a committee, the reasons for this must be explained by the authors in the cover letter.

For more information, you can read the instructions in French with the following link.

Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on Cairn.info, including Le travail humain, is available on this page.

Print ISSN : 0041-1868
Online ISSN : 2104-3663
Publisher : P.U.F.