Influence of visual features on the ability to locate information on a screen: recommendations for senior

By Caroline Moget, Guillaume Frutoso, Édith Galy, Guillaume Lepicard, Nathalie Bonnardel

As part of a project to design more ergonomic web-application portals for older users, we established recommendations on color choices and the level of detail needed to make it easier for seniors to locate icons and lexical labels. The experimental protocol featured an original combination of eye tracking and an ecological environment (participants’ homes). Participants had to locate different targets in different color and detail conditions. Results showed that the combination of a figurative target with an incongruent color increased target location times, but only if there was a strong target concept‑congruent color link. Furthermore, a high level of detail for figurative targets improved reaction times, but only when there was a weak concept‑congruent color link. These effects were linked to the implementation of top‑down processes.


  • Eye Tracking
  • Information Location Task
  • Older Adult
  • Color
  • Level of Detail
  • Top-Down Processes
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