Relationship between psychological contract breach and organizational affective and normative commitment: the role of perceived organizational and supervisory support

Recherches empiriques
Par Sabine Pohl, Françoise Bertrand, Roland Pepermans

The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of psychological contract breach on organizational affective commitment, organizational normative commitment and job satisfaction after one year, through the mediating effect of perceived organizational support and perceived supervisory support. The sample consisted of young military employees in training, in total 677 at time 1 and 258 at time 2. A two-wave design was used to collect the data. Results indicated that while normative commitment is directly affected by breach one year later, the relationship between breach and affective commitment was mediated by perceived support from the organization and perceived support from the direct supervisor. Only supervisory support mediates the relationship between psychological contract breach and job satisfaction. Practical implications of the results are discussed.

  • Psychological contract breach
  • two-wave design
  • perceived organizational support
  • perceived supervisory support
  • affective and normative commitment
  • job satisfaction
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